Bálint Halmos, Attorney-at-law, has been offering his experience in Hungary since 2008, dealing with in-court and extra-court representation regarding legal, commercial administrative and fiscal matters.

Beside his established expertise in traditional law areas, Attorney Halmos is an expert in the New Technologies law sector and TLC and ICT law.  He serves as Chief of Staff of National Agency for Communications and Informatics lawyers. Attorney Halmos is additionally engaged in collaboration with the National Authority for Telecommunications in the Department of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Economy and Transport, as well as the Research Center for ICT law of University of Pécs (the only Hungarian university department dealing with this type of study). Attorney Halmos, as an esteemed professional in his sector, is also a member of several National institutions.


Thanks to his excellent proficiency in the Italian, Hungarian and English languages, Attorney Halmos has been offering representation internationally for several years.  He specializes in the resolution of “international issues”, with particular regard to international relations between Italy and Hungary in the areas of natural and legal person rights – especially of Italian investors in Hungary.

The Halmos Law Firm employs multilingual expert legal practitioners who are highly skilled in their respective fields of competence.  They are well-versed in technical and legal language in Italian, Hungarian and English, which allows them to keep direct contact (spoken and written) with their Clients, and to draft legal advice and judicial documents in all three languages.

Our Legal Services

. Administrative Law

. Civil and Commercial Law

. Criminal Law

. Internal Tax Law

. Industrial Law

. Telecommunications and Technology Law

. Real Estate Law: in this sector the Halmos Law Firm works with a network of Real Estate Agencies and expert agents, which allows us to offer assistance in each step of the transaction process, for a “turnkey” solution for the final purchaser.

Where are we

Close to the Danube river in the very heart of Budapest, Halmos Law Firm provides legal services across Hungary and other central European countries.  Working in cooperation with a network of several other law firms and highly skilled legal practitioners located in the main Hungarian cities and in nearby countries, Halmos Law Firm represents our Clients in the whole of Central Europe.


Our commitment

Professionalism, competence, confidentiality, attentiveness and reliability: these are the core ethical principles which have inspired our law firm since its founding in our quest to always provide the highest standard of professional service to our Hungarian and central European Clients.