Doing Business in Hungary

Thanks to our solid experience, Halmos Law Firm is a beacon for those who would like to create a commercial company and need to manage the various aspects of their business activity.

Our Law Firm offers access to expertise and professional advice for both sole proprietorships and commercial companies. We offer assistance with both ordinary and extraordinary management to help ensure proper functioning of the whole enterprise; especially in critical topics such as bonds and debt securities, issuing of financial instruments, increase or reduction of capital, judicial services, referral to arbitrations, administrative and control authority consultancies.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Halmos Law Firm can provide legal support and assistance throughout all the steps involved in M&A transactions:

Our legal assistance also includes foundation AD dissolution of companies, as well as help in preventing and resolving litigations.

Our clients can also request assistance with:

Halmos Law Firm employs the experience of highly skilled professionals to provide the very best management, administration and financial evaluation services.

Public Procurement

Attorney Halmos, working with his staff of professionals and specialist consultants formally accredited by the Hungarian Public Procurement Council, provides consultancy on matters of public procurement for foreign invested enterprises.

Our Law Firm is able to answer all types of questions regarding tenders, and to provide clients with consultancy throughout the entire process of tender management and implementation. We deal in particular with the administrative and legal examination of the invitation to tender.  We provide advice during the qualification, negotiation and offer phases and then during the conclusion of the contract with local public authorities. Every action is taken in accordance with the Regulation of the Public Procurement Council and respecting EU directives.  Should a Client need to get in touch directly with the Regulation of the Public Procurement Council, our Law Firm also offers drafting of that request.


Halmos Law Firm also operates in the area of insolvency law and proceedings, offering assistance not just to insolvent companies but also to liquidators and insolvency administrators, so that all parties involved in a specific court case are represented and assisted.

We offer full assistance in court in matters of claw back, timely and late applications to be recorded in the liabilities, judicial proceedings to refuse it, revision judgments, bankruptcy petitions, and judgments regarding the opposition and approval of bankruptcy draft petitions.

All extra-judicial operations are included in our Client assistance services in the case of bankruptcy:

Property transactions and investments

Halmos Law Firm offers full assistance and consultancy in property transactions and investments in Hungary.  We specialize in the study, negotiation and drafting of trading, trading-in and purchase contracts for properties available for construction.

Attorney Halmos deals especially with operations involving residential, business and factory-commercial buildings.  Thanks to a strong network of real estate agents and agencies, we can provide advice and support through the whole property transaction process, thus providing the final purchaser a “turnkey” solution.