Civil Law


Our practitioners can assist Clients during the negotiation, revision and drafting of contracts according to both Hungarian and international law.  We operate with high professionalism and excellent proficiency in technical language in Italian, English and Hungarian.

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Debt collection

We provide legal services in the process of debt collection, supporting both individuals and companies.  We can help clients determine the most satisfactory strategy to collect a debt and compensate the creditor within a reasonable period of time; both during the extra-judicial phase and, if necessary, in court.

In providing assistance with debt collection, our firm promotes the use of extra-judicial stipulations and resorts to judicial processes only when necessary.

Halmos Law Firm is also qualified to deal with the European Payment Order Procedure (Reg. EC n. 1896/2006), created to provide a valuable instrument for cross-border payment orders and to ensure security for credit claims in all European countries (with the sole exception of Denmark).


Our Law Firm employs several highly skilled legal practitioners who deal specifically with civil law cases, representing both the rights of the plaintiff as well as those of the defendant.

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